Monday, December 26, 2011

Heaven still has mercy..

Long time no posting on this blog..
Well, it's all because my current activities. Prepare for National Exam& the blahblahblah things. I feel kinda stressed or maybe scared to face the reality that now I'm in the 12th grade. I've no free time anymore. Umm, I still have it deng. (huffft tp ttp aja capekkk)

But it's OK laa, because Foster The People will come to Indonesia this January!! I already got the ticket by the way:):):) and ARRGGHH can't hardly wait for this concert sumpidee. Rasanya pgn loncat ke tanggal 11 Januari skrng jg!! Belum pernah ada satu band yang semuamuanya have a good-looking face!! Eventhough they're an indie band, their music is soooo....heavenly. See you all on January 11th 2012<3

& I forgot something...
Merry Christmas for my dearest Wanda Adeline& Happy new year for all of you. I hope the Mayan prophecy is completely wrong.
So, see ya on 2012!

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